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publicationsJH Biotech is featured in such publications as Farm Chemicals International, the 2004 Crop Protection Handbook, Greenhouse Grower and many others.

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March 10 - California Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA) meeting - Santa Paula Community Center, Santa Paula, CA.


Biotechnologies for Safer Agriculture


JH BIOTECH, INC. has been manufacturing agricultural and animal products since 1987. Included among its plant products is a line certified for organic farming. JH Biotech's Animal Products focus on animal feed additives and supplements.

Both of the plant and animal product lines center around the natural chelation process and applied microbiology. "Biotechnology for Safer Agriculture," is the motto of JH BIOTECH, Inc. and it clearly states the basic goal of the company. Safety in agriculture and the impact of its products on the environment are the major concerns of JH BIOTECH.