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publicationsJH Biotech is featured in such publications as Farm Chemicals International, the 2004 Crop Protection Handbook, Greenhouse Grower and many others.

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March 10 - California Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA) meeting - Santa Paula Community Center, Santa Paula, CA.


Ant Out®
Aqua Power™ 3-1-1
Aqua Power™ 5-1-1
Big K 0-0-50
Big-K™ 0-0-32
Bio-Activate® Plus 5-0-0
BioEnhancer® – Insect Feeding Stimulant
Biomin N
Biomin N Powder
Biomin® 446-SP
Biomin® 534-SP
Biomin® Booster 11
Biomin® Booster 126
Biomin® Booster 153
Biomin® Booster 212
Biomin® Booster 221
Biomin® Booster 235
Biomin® Boron
Biomin® Boron Powder
Biomin® Cal-Boro
Biomin® Cal-Boro Lite
Biomin® CalBor-L
Biomin® Calcium
Biomin® Calcium Powder
Biomin® Cobalt
Biomin® Copper
Biomin® Copper Powder
Biomin® Excel
Biomin® Iron
Biomin® Iron Powder
Biomin® Iron-L
Biomin® Magnesium
Biomin® Magnesium Powder
Biomin® Manganese
Biomin® Manganese Powder
Biomin® Molybdenum
Biomin® Potassium 2-0-25
Biomin® Selenium
Biomin® Starter
Biomin® Zinc
Biomin® Zinc Powder
Biomin® Zinc-L
BioRepel® – Natural Insect Repellent
Biosynergizer™ 8-10-5
Buffer-Safe™ 9-9-2
BufferMate™ – Activator – Buffer – Acidifier
Buffermin® 2-22-18
Buffermin® 3-18-18
Buffermin® Calcium Proteinate
Buffermin® Chromium Nicotinate
Buffermin® Chromium Proteinate
Buffermin® Chromium Yeast
Buffermin® Cobalt Proteinate
Buffermin® Copper Proteinate
Buffermin® Iron Proteinate
Buffermin® Magnesium Proteinate
Buffermin® Manganese Proteinate
Buffermin® Molybdenum Proteinate
Buffermin® Potassium Proteinate
Buffermin® Selenium Proteinate
Buffermin® Selenium Yeast
Buffermin® Zinc Methionine (20% Zn)
Buffermin® Zinc Proteinate
DKP® 45
Endurance™ 15-2-15
Endurance™ 18-3-6
Endurance™ 20-3-3
Endurance™ 30-0-0
Endurance™ Iron 6
Fosphite® – Systemic Fungicide
Fulmax® – Concentrated Fulvic Acid
GC-3™ – Organic Fungicide
GC-Mite™ – Organic Insecticide
Humax® 95 – WSG (Potassium Humate)
Humax® Powder 60%
Humax® Powder 65%
Humax® Powder 80%
Instamin® Calcium
Instamin® Cobalt
Instamin® Copper
Instamin® Iron
Instamin® Magnesium
Instamin® Manganese
Instamin® Potassium
Instamin® Zinc
JH Bug-End
MicroPak Zinc 10%
Mildew Cure® – Organic Fungicide
MorAcid™ – Acidifier and Antioxidant
Natural Wet®
Nitrate Converter™
No Moss® – Natural Broad Spectrum Mossicide
Nutri-Aid™ 0-40-40
Nutri-Aid™ 0-50-30
Nutri-Aid™ 0-50-32
Nutri-Aid™ 10-30-30
Nutri-Aid™ 10-45-10
Nutri-Aid™ 10-55-10
Nutri-Aid™ 12-0-45
Nutri-Aid™ 12-26-26
Nutri-Aid™ 15-10-30
Nutri-Aid™ 15-15-30
Nutri-Aid™ 15-30-15
Nutri-Aid™ 16-0-16
Nutri-Aid™ 20-10-20
Nutri-Aid™ 20-20-20
Nutri-Aid™ 20-30-20
Nutri-Aid™ 25-0-25
Nutri-Aid™ 28-14-14
Nutri-Aid™ 30-10-10
Nutri-Aid™ 5-10-27
Nutri-Aid™ 5-10-40
Nutri-Aid™ 6-30-30
Nutri-Humax 0-40-40
Nutrimin® Boron
Nutrimin® Cal-Boro
Nutrimin® Calcium
Nutrimin® Copper
Nutrimin® Iron
Nutrimin® Magnesium
Nutrimin® Manganese
Nutrimin® MultiNutrimin A
Nutrimin® MultiNutrimin B
Nutrimin® MultiNutrimin C
Nutrimin® MultiNutrimin E
Nutrimin® Pistachio
Nutrimin® Zinc
Odor Buster™ - Natural Odor Reducer
Odor Buster™ Powder - Natural Odor Reducer
Oxy Booster­™ 5-0-0
Pest Out® – Organic Insecticide
Phoscare® 0-28-25
Phoscare® 1-26-20
Phosgard® 0-0-25
Phosgard® 0-0-26
Phosgard® 0-28-25
Phosgard® 0-40-0
Phosgard® 0-60-0
Phosgard® 2-40-16
Phosgard® 3-40-18
Phosgard® 4-0-15
Phosgard® 4-25-15
Phosgard® 75
Phosgard® Ca 0-15*-5
Phosgard® Copper 5-20-0
Phosgard® MN 0-35*-0
Phosgard® MZN 0-35*-0
Phosgard® Plus 0-32-25
Phosgard® Ultra
Phosgard® ZMN 0-35*-25
Phosgard® Zn 0-35*-0
Promot® MZM
Promot® MZM Powder
Promot® Plus
Rejuven8™ Growth 18-5-10
Rhizone ®
Rhizone® 2-2-2
Salt Down™
Soil Balancer™ A
Soil Balancer™ B
SoluPhos SP
Superzyme ® 1-0-4 Turf
Superzyme® 1-0-4 Biological Growth Factor
Superzyme® 1-0-4 Biological Growth Factor Powder
Synergizer® 0-0-15
Synergizer® 0-0-30
Synergizer® 0-10-20
Synergizer® 5-20-20
Synergizer® 8-32-4
Synergizer® Cilantro & Parsley 6-25-3
Synergizer® Grape 5-10-20
Synergizer® Strawberry 3-25-16
Weed Zap®